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Here’s what the critics are saying about DIVA DISH…

"A great tribute to a great lady that is touching, hilarious and completely enthralling! Luke Yankee is such a marvelous storyteller that you'll want to hear the stories he tells again and again!"
— Rex Reed, syndicated columnist

AN INFORMAL, UNIQUE AND BRIILIANT BIT OF THEATRE - the audience was deeply moved by the simple fact that here was a son who sincerely felt his mother's legacy has not yet been played out. Luke Yankee's brilliant skill at storytelling hints at his thespian genes, but no actor can deliver such love across the footlights without feeling it with every cell of his body as this son does. Every time he imitated her voice, related her whispers, shared his own reactions, a palpable heartbeat resonated through my skin. 'DIVA DISH' IS A UNIQUE, CUTTING EDGE THEATRICAL EXPRESSION - IT'S WORTH TEN TIMES THE TICKET PRICE!"
Marc Thompson, Desert Post Weekly

“Fun…fascinating…a real trip through showbiz history…Luke Yankee is absolutely marvelous!”
Jan Wahl, KRON TV

"A well-crafted, highly entertaining show...Yankee praises his mother's talent as a storyteller and it's clear that he has inherited her gift...GO!"
-- L.A. Weekly

"Luke Yankee is a wonderful actor, mimic and storyteller...and has he got a story to tell! A slick, professional show...a warm and loving tribute to a wonderful and remarkable mother."

-- John Farrell, Long Beach Press- Telegram

"With charming mimicry, actor Yankee re-creates several of the exchanges between his mother and the other divas. With songs and a boyish affection shining through his anecdotes, he helps us see this award-winning actress as both glamorous and down- to-earth...an engaging production!"
-- Melinda Schupman, Backstage West

"Luke himself couldn't be more pleasantly unassuming...here, he quickly establishes himself as a charming and cordial raconteur...Heartfelt smiles describes the audience's reaction to Diva Dish! and its adept mix of touching and funny remembrances, filling this likeable, warm gem!"
-- Joseph Sirota, Event News

"A unique theatre experience that deserves to be seen. Audiences will absolutely love it!"
-- Vicki Paris Goodman, Signal Tribune

"Watch all the E! True Hollywood Stories and A&E Biographies you can get your hands on -- you still won't hear half of what Luke Yankee knows about the biggest names in showbiz history!"

--- Melinda Casillas , Palo Alto Weekly

“My readers in Europe are always looking for real American experiences when they read about events in New York. ‘Diva Dish’ is a real American experience, a trip though the golden years of showbiz, hand in hand with the most memorable divas. And Luke Yankee makes it all sound so easy, as if he had just invited the audience into his living room to talk about old friends.”
Andrew Visconti, L'Espresso Magazine

“An evening with Luke and the divas is the next best thing to being there!”
Rebecca Redshaw, Notes From Hollywood

"In DIVA DISH, Luke Yankee charmingly reminisices about his mother, Eileen Heckart and all her star buddies. As he rattles off stories about the likes of arlene Dietrich, Ethel Merman and Vivian Vance, he is a real life Patrick Dennis out of 'Auntie Mame'."
David Noh, The New York Blade

"Luke Yankee, the son of the late Eileen Heckart and a theatrical producer and raconteur in his own right, is doing a new one-man show called ‘Diva Dish’. He dishes at New York’s Supper Club before touring. Yankee talks warmly about his encounters with various celebs over the years.”
Robert Osborne, The Hollywood Reporter



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